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Body in the abyss, heart in paradise.
— Xie Lian

Xie Lian (谢怜, Xiè Lián), His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Xianle, is the protagonist of Heaven Official's Blessing.

He was widely known throughout the Xianle nation as the beloved yet strange prince. Never showing interest in what was considered normal for a prince, he simply declared, "I want to save the common people!". Through practice, hard work, and insight beyond his years, he perfected his cultivation and ascended to the Heavens at the age of 17.

After multiple unfortunate events, he was twice banished from the Heavens. 800 years later, he ascended for the third time.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

"His golden mask fell off, revealing the young and handsome face previously hidden behind it. [1]

He is described as a handsome individual. In his younger years as a prince, he wore extravagant clothing and also two red pearl earrings, one of which Hua Cheng is currently in possession of. He currently wears a conical bamboo hat in honor of a nameless farmer who showed him genuine kindness and compassion at his lowest point in life. He also wears simple, white Taoist robes and bandages to hide his cursed shackles. One of the bandages he wears is actually his weapon, Ruoye.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Xie Lian is a kind and gentle person. Although he acknowledges his abilities, he remains a down-to-earth person. He never holds his status above others and treats others equally disregarding status as a sign of one's worth, shown from how he treats Mu Qing and Feng Xin even when they were his subordinates. 

He is a compassionate man who only wants to help others, going so far as to bend the rules of Heaven. He is indifferent towards the opinions of others and does not hold grudges against them. While he does not forget past grievances, most are usually pushed to the back of his mind and he is even willing to save those who have wronged him horribly in the past. 

Similarly, he is deeply loyal to those who are kind to him and those he considers friends. He is extremely polite and even at his angriest seldom uses derogatory or even insulting language. Despite having seen the worst that both humanity and the gods have done, he can also see the best in people, understanding even those that are hard to deal with. 

In the direst of situations, he is still able to remain calm and think up strategies on how to defeat the enemy. However, when faced with Hua Cheng's flirtatious and romantic gestures he becomes flustered. While strategically intelligent and able to see past peoples' lies and deceptions due to his many years of suffering and witnessing political struggles, he seems partially emotionally unintelligent, especially when it comes to romance.

While he is skilled at craftwork and combat, he is horrible at household chores, being terrible at sewing, cleaning, chores, or cooking. His cooking, in particular, is so bad that no one can stomach his food except Hua Cheng.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As a former prince, he is well versed in all the arts such as music dancing and calligraphy. He often sold goods, played instruments and sang songs on the street after his second banishment.
  • He is terrible at household chores such as cooking and sewing,[2] though he appears to be decent at cleaning or patching up his home which was originally a derelict and abandoned shrine.
  • His path of cultivation required him to abstain from worldly pleasures such as sex and alcohol. As a result, he was a virgin for 800 years until his marriage with Hua Cheng. While still powerful, his cultivation abilities have decreased significantly after his marriage.
  • He has notoriously terrible luck, whether it pertains to gambling, drawing fortune sticks, or encountering tedious trouble.
  • His private communication array password is "Just recite the Ethics Sutra a thousand times." Many heavenly officials were fooled by this, thinking that they had to actually say it one thousand times, but in reality, it is just the phrase.
  • He whined a lot as a child, insisting on sleeping with his parents, but he eventually stopped doing so.[3]
  • In the manhua, Xie Lian's symbolic animal is presumably a bunny as he was drawn with bunny features in both art by the manhua artist and actual chapters.

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