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Qi Rong (戚容, Qī Róng) is a Wrath level ghost who is close to becoming a Devastation level one. Despite not being a ghost of the highest rank, he is still regarded as one of the Four Great Calamities, known as the Night-Touring Green Lantern (青灯夜游, Qīng Dēng Yè Yóu).[1]

He was originally named Xiao Jing (小镜, Xiǎo Jìng) and is the maternal cousin of Xie Lian.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Qi Rong is a good-looking young man who shares resemblance to his cousin, Xie Lian. While not many of their features look alike, their noses, lips and the contours of their jaws are similar in shape. He has high, sharp brows and thin, slanted eyes. It's said that one could tell not to mess with him purely by looking at his face.[2]

During the time of Xie Lian's first ascension he was around fifteen to sixteen years old, finely-dressed with a light turquoise brocade and necklace.[3]

In the manhua sneak peek of him, he has long, disheveled hair and very pale skin. He also wears a green outer robe, dark green inner robes, and a pale sash.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Qi Rong is an extremely crass, vulgar person who is void of any empathy, although he has grown to hate people calling him crude and boorish as he has been called so for many centuries.[2] He yells most of the time, spouting insults or just being disrespectful to the ones around him, sometimes even while being extremely amused and laughing maniacally.[2][4] Qi Rong is also shown to be sarcastic at times.[5]

He often acts spoiled and bratty, enraged when things don't go his way or him not getting what he wants. While he doesn't seem to hold respect for anyone, he does fear certain people, such as Hua Cheng.

The only exception to his extreme lack of any kind of decency is Gu Zi. While he does mistreat him, he also does care about him and recognizes him as family.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Qi Rong liked to hang dead bodies upside down to imitate Hua Cheng's bloody rain power.[1]
  • He is allied with Xuan Ji, a crazy female ghost.

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