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Mu Qing (慕情, Mù Qíng), also known as General Xuan Zhen (玄真将军, Xuán Zhēn Jiāngjun), is a popular Martial God who oversees the southwest with a total of seven thousand temples dedicated to his palace. Eight hundred years ago, he was the personal attendant of Xie Lian and was responsible for household chores like washing his clothes and dressing him.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Mu Qing is described as a pretty and delicate man clad in black with refined features and soft, silky hair.[2] He has extremely pale skin and a fair face, along with thin, light lips and obsidian black eyes that shine brightly.[2] His face and form is said to appear "elegant like a gentle scholar" [2] and he usually carries an indifferent, cold expression.[3][4] In the manhua, he's portrayed with a long ponytail and long parted bangs, as well as dark robes and armor.

He has a mellow and decorous voice in contrast to his usually sharp and sneering words.[5]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Mu Qing is a prideful and stubborn man who is often sarcastic and dismissive towards others, which causes him to be a person disliked by many and someone without any friends.[6] He is also known for not doing kind deeds or putting himself in danger to help others. Xie Lian describes him as someone narrow-minded, sensitive, petty and skeptical who is constantly offending other people, but still has principles.[6] Xie Lian says that Mu Qing is spiteful enough to spit in someone's cup, but not malicious enough to poison it,[6] as well as someone who deeply loves his own life and fears death.[7]

Eventually it is shown that whenever he tries to do good deeds, people always assume the worst of him. This was shown in multiple cases, such as people accusing him of theft when he tried to bring his mother cherries,[8] Mu Qing coming across as jealous and arrogant by kicking Hua Cheng out of the army although he just wanted to spare the child from war and death and him being suspected of trying to murder Feng Xin when Mu Qing struck him unconscious when the Heavenly Capital was on fire despite the fact that he wanted to carry Feng Xin out of there and save him as he refused to leave on his own.[9]

He has a short temper and is quick to berate others, but his irritation is truly ignited when someone reminds him of when he was a servant under Xie Lian. During his years as a servant, he was frequently bullied and looked down upon by the other disciples,[10] thus he was forced to rely on Xie Lian for protection.[8]

He has shown no interest in women, most likely due to his path of cultivation which is the same as Xie Lian and requires abstinence for worldly pleasures like alcohol and sex.[11]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He has a habit of rolling his eyes in disgust constantly.[7][12]
  • In the manhua Mu Qing is first represented by a lynx,[13] but is later drawn with cat features in both art by the official artist and later chapters.[14]
  • He is very fastidious when it comes to the statues in his temples. If his believers would sculpt ugly statues he would either destroy them or visit the mortals in their dreams to express his displeasure. Thus, all of his temples are particular and tasteful.[15]
  • He and the members of his palace are fond of attention to detail.[15]
  • He can remember small, unimportant details for a long amount of time.[6]
  • He was almost crushed by a bell due to the quake that occurred during Xie Lian's third ascension, but broke the bell in half with his hand before it landed.[1]
  • He ascended on his own during his time spent on the spiritual mountain shared with 33 other Heavenly Officials.[1]
  • His alter ego is his fake subordinate Fu Yao, although he behaves little to no different than usual.[16]

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