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Jun Wu (君吾, Jūn Wú) is the Heavenly Emperor who presides over the Heavenly realm, as well as the oldest and most powerful Martial God.

He resides in the Great Martial Hall, the number one martial palace in Heaven.[1] However, due to his position, he spends most of his days cultivating or watching over the realms.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

"That pair of eyes were obsidian black but bright and clear, as if formed by the melted snow of a lake frozen for millions of years."[2]

Jun Wu is a poised, solemn youth[3] with an air of dignity. He is usually seen clad in pure white armors, and sits on a throne with the Great Martial Hall behind him and the snowy peak of a mountain under his feet. His features are often described as calm, yet with depth and power behind them.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Jun Wu is a composed and gentle individual. He rarely speaks but when he does, every word is powerful and commands respect from the other gods.[1] His voice was described to be deep, quiet and serene.[4]

Though mostly gentle, Jun Wu could subdue a high-ranking Martial God easily and can project an aura of authority so oppressive it could strike fear into anyone's heart.[5]

As the leader and final judge in Heaven, Jun Wu displayed a willingness to listen to every side and a tendency toward diplomacy, as he was even willing to talk peacefully to Hua Cheng despite years of enmity.[6]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He used to win the Battle of the Lanterns for centuries and was thus excluded from the competition, but in the year that Xie Lian ascended for the third time, he won 2nd place after him with 961 lanterns.
  • Though renowned for being hard to rattle, Jun Wu was shocked when he heard the possibility that Xie Lian has fathered a child.[7]
  • Jun Wu has an extensive armory full of one-of-a-kind legendary weapons. One of them can be used to test virginity, much to the confusion of the other Heavenly Officials who wondered why their lord would collect such a thing.[7]
  • Xie Lian mentioned that there are very few things more terrifying than Jun Wu drawing his sword.[6]
  • Also know as Bai Wuxiang, Jun Wu was the persona the crown prince of Wuyong took after slaughtering the entire Heavenly Court of his time. Later he disguised himself as a mortal, falsified his past and formally ascended to the heavens, now empty of heavenly officals, creating a new Heavenly Court under his leadership as Jun Wu, the Martial God Heavenly Emperor.

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