Formal guidelines concerning the uploading and posting of images on the Heaven Official's Blessing wiki.

Additional Guidelines:

Uploading Images[edit | edit source]

  • Source: Only images from official sources, such as the manhua, donghua and official art, are allowed to be posted on articles; using fanart is prohibited.
    • STARember is the official manhua artist, but refrain from uploading artwork outside of manhua material. If you do, STARember's weibo is to be linked in the references:
    • The only exception of using fanart is on your User's page. Either use your own or ask the artist for permission first however.
  • Name: Images should have names that are descriptive of the content of the image. Try to be detailed and exact, but keep it short. This ensures that images can be found and organized more quickly.
    • An example: if you have an image of Mu Qing's design in the donghua, ensure that 1) it's not named something like "screenshot_(insert date)" or random numbers and letters, then 2) instead of for example naming it "mu qing.png" name it "mu qing donghua.png" or simply "mq donghua.png". This makes the search for images easier and reduces the chance of duplicates.
  • Type: The wiki highly prioritizes RAW images, ensure to not use pages with translations or screencaps with subtitles. It is generally preferred to remove all text from images used, thus try to remove text from for example speech bubbles of the manhua, unless this would result in clearly visible errors.
  • Format: All types of images are allowed, although images on articles are preferably to be .png as it's the best quality and most compatible.
  • Rating: Any pornographic images are strictly prohibited. Images involving gore and blood are allowed as Heaven Official's Blessing is an adult novel, but they are to be posted and used with caution and appropriately.
  • Quality: Images are to be posted in good quality and free of errors. Remove borders and avoid visible disturbances such as mouse cursors.
  • Duplicates: Do not upload duplicates of images that already exist. If you are unsure whether an image already exists, please use Special:FileDuplicateSearch. You can also check after uploading using Duplicate Images.
  • License: Do not forget to add licensing information. All images on this wikia should be tagged with the correct license, in the case of official art - Fair Use.
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