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And what good is your apology?
— He Xuan

He Xuan (贺玄, Hè Xuán) is a Devastation level ghost and one of the Four Great Calamities. He bears the title Black Water Submerging Boats (黑水沉舟, Hēi Shuǐ Chén Zhōu) and his domain is the Black Water Demon Lair.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

In his true form, he appears to be a demon with extremely pale skin, a sharp forehead and deep brows. His black robes have thin, silver waves weaved into them that shimmer and glow.[1] In the manhua preview he has black hair which is tied up into a high ponytail.

He is accompanied by skeletal ghost Arowanas (a type of lucky fish).

Personality[edit | edit source]

While pretending to be Ming Yi, he is quiet and rarely makes his presence known. He is a loner who prefers to be by himself but Shi Qingxuan managed to befriend him, so throughout the story, he was almost always seen beside him in his disguise as Ming Yi. While he was neither social nor friendly, he managed to act well enough that people couldn't tell the difference between him and the original Ming Yi whose persona he stole. However, even while acting as Ming Yi, he would occasionally slip into a habit of over or undereating, due to the negative effects his starvation in prison during his human years had on him.

While his persona as a human is largely unknown, he seems to have been a kind, devoted filial man who worked hard and cared greatly for his loved ones. He was also honest, as he refused to bribe the officials when he took the national exam, despite the fact he desperately needed to pass in the hopes of escaping poverty. His ability to adapt to every horrible outcome that happened to him and try to overcome them with his abilities, talents, and hard work shows a dedicated man who did his best to persevere in the face of tragedy including the loss of his loved ones.

However, eventually, he changed as he did ultimately seek to murder those that wronged him. Later, he would devour the reverend of empty words that had cursed him to such a fate and upon finding out that it was Shi Wudu who had cursed him to this fate by switching his fate with Shi Qingxuan's fate, he decided to pay them back for what they had done. He would go so far as to fake his identity as the God Ming Yi in order to befriend Shi Qingxuan to get close to the brothers and exact his vengeance. The fact he was able to overpower the Reverend of Empty Words also reveals having an extremely strong will.

His revenge reveals a patient man capable of masking his hatred while waiting for the right time to strike and also shows he is very spiteful and capable of holding grudges (albeit only to those who have severely wronged him). He is also sadistic towards those he despises, at one point giving the brothers the tragic choice of Shi Wudu switching Shi Qingxuan's fate with an unfortunate ghoul and forfeiting his Godhood or Shi Qingxuan surviving by killing his brother Shi Wudu.

Aside from his strong will, intelligence, and ability to hold deep grudges, not too much is known of his current personality. From what is seen, he seems to prefer being alone and doesn't interact with others often, being under the radar and avoiding attention. He also seems to be the type to pay back his debts, as he allowed the Gods who were trying to escape the Heavens to stay in his domain even after it caused massive damage because he owed Hua Cheng a massive debt. Notably, despite being considered one of the four calamities, the heavens rarely paid attention to him as he never caused much harm or damage, implying that while not a benevolent person, he is not evil and doesn't go out of his way to harm others, including those who have done him no wrong.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is neck-deep in debt to Hua Cheng, to the point where he would just remain quiet if suddenly Hua Cheng decided to bring a destructive fight to his turf and break a lot of things.
  • Despite being a calamity, he's said to be very low-key and has rarely ever been seen by anyone.
  • His severe starving in jail for two years has ruined his stomach. Sometimes he's unable to eat for weeks, other times he's never satisfied and keeps on eating.
  • He spent 12 years inside Tonglu Mountain before becoming a Ghost King.

Reference[edit | edit source]

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