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Ghosts (鬼, guǐ), also called Demons, refer to one of the three main states of existence for mortal humans in the world. Mortals, when one walked upwards, they become a god; when one walked downwards, they become a ghost.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Example of possible ghost appearances

Ghosts can take many shapes and forms, but all of them seem to have consciousness and a personality. Examples of types that are described in the novel are people fused with animals, such as the pig butcher or rooster ghost and headless ghosts who carry their own heads around. It's also possible for a human to fuse with an inanimate object, like Rong Guang did as he fused with a sword since both held a grudge against the same person. This allows him to switch between the appearance of his human form and the sword.

Many ghosts however also just appear to look completely human, such as Jian Lan, Lang Ying or Hua Cheng.

Categories[edit | edit source]

The Heavenly Courts divide ghosts into the following categories: Fierce, Severe, Wrath and Devastation.[1]

Rank Capability Ghosts⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Fierce (恶, è) Ghosts of the ‘Fierce’ rank are able to kill single targets. Cuo Cuo
Severe (厉, ) Ghosts of the ‘Severe’ rank are able to wipe out a household.
(凶, xiōng)
Ghosts of the 'Wrath' rank are able to massacre a whole city. Qi Rong
Ban Yue
Xuan Ji
Devastation (绝, jué) Ghosts of the 'Devastation' rank are able to destroy a nation and cause suffering to the people, turning the mortal realm into a mess. Gaining this rank is a prerequisite to being titled as a Ghost King and Supreme. All known Devastations so far have been born from Tonglu Mountain. Bai Wuxiang
He Xuan
Hua Cheng

The ranks of other known ghosts are unknown.

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