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Cuo Cuo[]

Cuo Cuo is his child with Jian Lan, although Feng Xin never knew about Cuo Cuo's existence until 800 years after his short relationship with her. He now struggles to acknowledge him as a son, especially due to Cuo Cuo being a deformed little ghost and him being vicious towards Feng Xin. Despite that, he wants to protect his child as well as Jian Lan, trying to pursue them after they escape the capital.

Eventually, Feng Xin manages to call Cuo Cuo by his name and protect him in battle, resulting in his son actually listening to him and cheer him on. Feng Xin is even confused and angered by how gentle Cuo Cuo acts with Jun Wu while being malicious to him. He doesn't seem to pursue Cuo Cuo and Jian Lan any further after they leave once and for all in the end, most likely accepting that Jian Lan doesn't want Feng Xin to tie himself to them and thus drag him down when their love has already passed.[1]

Heavenly Officials[]

Mu Qing[]

Mu Qing and Feng Xin's relationship is characterized by an unfortunate clash of personalities that causes an unending amount of discord between two people who, when united, make a formidable team.[2] While both are kind, loyal, and generous, their definitions and expressions of these things differ so greatly as to be unrecognizable to the other.

While Feng Xin is characterized by simplicity, black-and-white perceptions, and traditional definitions of honor, Mu Qing is the opposite. Feng Xin has difficulty thinking of things beyond a surface level, and Mu Qing constantly second guesses other people. When Mu Qing asks the other to place himself in his shoes, Feng Xin balks at the idea that circumstances exist that would change his mind on things.[3]

The largest, overarching misunderstanding between them is that Mu Qing misinterprets the degree and nature of how Feng Xin dislikes him, and Feng Xin is unaware of this discrepancy. In Mu Qing's perception, Feng Xin regarding him as a liar, disloyal, and remembering misdeeds he's done, means that Feng Xin hates him deeply and does not care if he lives or dies. Mu Qing feels this so strongly that he does not even bother to plead with Feng Xin to save him.[4]

However, the truth is that while Feng Xin thinks Mu Qing is dishonest and disloyal, even a bad person,[5] that doesn't mean he hates him and certainly doesn't mean he wants him to die. More crucially, Feng Xin thinks these facts are both obvious and understood. Feng Xin's obliviousness is so strong that even after discovering Mu Qing's feelings towards Xie Lian, he doesn't see that this problem could possibly apply to their relationship as well.[6] He can even unironically tell Hua Cheng that he's surprised Hua Cheng didn't try to stop Xie Lian from saving Mu Qing. [7]

In hindsight, although Feng Xin repeatedly questions Mu Qing's motives and integrity, and might try to convince Xie Lian of his bad character, at no time does he try to kill him or allow him to be killed. He also doesn't tell other people of Mu Qing's perceived misdeeds.[8]

Instead he readily saves him, assists him when injured without being asked, and expresses relief at his safety. This subtlety is most at play during their time in Tonglu Mountain. When Mu Qing's loyalty is questioned, Feng Xin does not say he thinks Mu Qing is working for Jun Wu, he only thinks Mu Qing isn't telling them the whole truth. When Mu Qing is running from them, he doesn't realize the other thinks they would attack him.[4] When Xie Lian seems to be deciding whether or not to save Mu Qing, Feng Xin doesn't say anything because he already knows Xie Lian won't let Mu Qing die. Several times he asks specifically if both of them are okay, and chastises them for endangering themselves.[7][6]

By the end of the novel, they get along well. Although they continue to argue, Mu Qing is no longer agitated by brooms, and Feng Xin discovers what it's like for an intractable, vicious rumor to be spread no matter what the truth is.[9] Together they check on Xie Lian, trying to get him out of the house and go on a walk.[10] After the main events of the novel, they also work together without issue, helping Xie Lian figure out a birthday present for Hua Cheng[11] and teaming up immediately when Xie Lian has amnesia.[12]

Xie Lian[]

Feng Xin was Xie Lian's bodyguard since he was fourteen years old, considering Xie Lian his closest friend, ally and family.[13] He was exceedingly loyal and supportive of Xie Lian, only leaving him when Xie Lian orders him to do so.[14] Because of their parting, he is uncomfortable when the two meet again during Xie Lian's third ascension to heaven, but still makes multiple attempts to talk to him again. Throughout the story, it's evident that he still cares about Xie Lian, being annoyed by Mu Qing's dismissive comments towards him and trying to protect him from Hua Cheng at first.[2]


Jian Lan[]

Jian Lan is Feng Xin's former lover and the mother of his son, Cuo Cuo.[15] He first saw her at a protest in Xianle, being outraged after hearing what happened to her prior to the standoff, yet also being amazed by her confidence and commenting that she is pretty spunky.[16]

Feng Xin meets her once more during Xie Lian's first banishment while Jian Lan was working in a brothel, although it's unknown whether he recognized her or not, and the two eventually fell in love. Feng Xin gifted her a golden belt he got from Xie Lian[15] and he would sometimes spend his hard earned money to rent her for an entire night without doing anything sexual. He would simply talk with her even though people back then took him for a joke for doing such a thing. Jian Lan herself calls him stupid when remembering these instances, but she also laughs and seems to be fond of the memory.[1]

Jian Lan explains that she pushed him away,[1] indicating that she was the one who ended their relations or left him, likely shortly after she became pregnant since Feng Xin only found out about their son 800 years later. He was visibly hurt by the seperation, refusing Xie Lian's offer of pawning Fang Xin since he has no need for the money anymore.[14]

When they reunite, Feng Xin is incredibly shocked by what has become of Jian Lan and Cuo Cuo, so much so that he appears to be devastated.[15] After he overcomes the inital shock, he is incredibly determined to pursue Jian Lan and Cuo Cuo in order to protect them, although he moreso does so out of a sense of responsibility. Jian Lan herself rejects this, being crass towards him and not hesitating to run away from him in order to avoid him.[15] This goes to an extent that she leaves Feng Xin unconscious in the burning and collapsing Heavenly Capital[8]and her leaving with Cuo Cuo without uttering a goodbye to Feng Xin in the end.[1]

Despite her behavior and firm stance that she does not want to be involved with him anymore, she believes Feng Xin is a good man.[1] Feng Xin seems to accept their seperation, only angered by fallacious gossip that she ran off with some other guy.[9]

Qi Rong[]

As the bodyguard of Xie Lian, Feng Xin had met Qi Rong many times during his youth. He knew about Qi Rong's vulgar mouth and disrespectful behavior so unlike being usually provoked, Feng Xin remained quiet around Qi Rong and only took action against him under Xie Lian's order,[13][17] although Feng Xin secretly detested him. Once given the permission to stop or arrest Qi Rong, he did not hesitate to fulfill the command, even if it meant to hurt or embarrass Qi Rong in public.[17]

Despite that, Feng Xin was aware of his status beneath Qi Rong and voluntarily kowtowed before him and broke his own arm[18] after impulsively breaking Qi Rong's.[19] Feng Xin was also responsible for cleaning up after him whenever he had caused trouble in the following years, thus Feng Xin later grew to show immediate annoyance upon seeing Qi Rong.[20]

Qi Rong in return disliked and looked down upon Feng Xin, appalled by a servant of low status touching or hurting him.[19]


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