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Feng Xin (风信, Fēng Xìn) is a popular Martial God known as Nan Yang Zhen Jun (南阳真君, Nán Yáng Zhēn Jūn) who oversees the southeast and has nearly eight thousand temples. Eight hundred years ago, he was the Imperial bodyguard of Xie Lian and later became one of his deputy generals.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He is described as a handsome and good-looking man who stands with a tall posture and is usually seen carrying his longbow on his back. It's said that his eyes carry a look of determination and his brows are often furrowed as if he's angry, even though that's often not the case at all.[2] He's clad in black and it's mentioned that he wears boots as well.[3]

In the manhua, he has dark hair that is tied into a bun, loose strands hanging to the right of his face. His robes and armor consist of gold and a dark shade of green.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Feng Xin is known to be polite, courteous and honest with a strong sense of responsibility, not being the type to gossip or talk bad behind people's backs. He's straightforward and doesn't have much patience,[4] being a man of quick temper with a tendency to curse loudly and excessively even when around fellow Heavenly Officials.[1][4]

Despite that, he's hardworking and stays true to his morals, refusing to steal when Xie Lian was first banished despite them not having enough money for food or medicine. Feng Xin had also always recognized his own status and considered activities such as busking beneath him and Xie Lian, not wanting to lower himself in the beginning even in such a desperate circumstance.[5]

One of his most remarkable qualities are his loyalty and devotion,[1] shown through his history with Xie Lian. Feng Xin had always supported him and during their first banishment, he refused to leave Xie Lian's side despite being offered to be appointed to the Heavens by other Gods and continued to look after Xie Lian although he was slowly losing his mental stability, displaying his fidelity and reliability.[6][7]

He shows a strange fear of women, becoming nervous and disoriented when around them.[4]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before he had the title Nan Yang, he possessed the title Ju Yang (俱陽 – Perfect Masculinity, "Yang" being the masculine part of Yin and Yang, which can also mean "sun" and "living"). However, a monarch once misspelled it on a temple plaque so it became Ju Yang (巨陽 – Gigantic Masculinity, also euphemism for a large penis). Because the official in charge of the temple didn't want to insult the monarch, he let the mistake be and soon all plaques were changed to the spelling of "Gigantic Masculinity". Feng Xin only began to notice a decade later when more and more women came to his temples to pray for sons and satisfaction in their marital beds. Enraged, he then changed his title to Nan Yang.[8]
  • His biggest fear are women's baths.[9]
  • He finds Xie Lian's private communication array password hilarious and is said to laugh at almost any joke for no reason.[10]
  • He has horrible handwriting.
  • His private chambers are said to be disorganized.[11]
  • Feng Xin's golden palace toppled over when Xie Lian ascended for the third time.[1]
  • His alter ego is his fake subordinate Nan Feng.[12]

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