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So sad, so sad. Your Highness, look at yourself, look what they've done to you.
— Bai Wuxiang

Bai Wuxiang (白无相, Bái Wúxiàng) is the main antagonist of Heaven Official's Blessing. He is the oldest and strongest of the Four Great Calamities.   

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Bai Wuxiang is a tall man wearing a white funeral garb with wide sleeves and a mask half-laughing half-crying.[1][2]

Underneath the mask he hides a face marred with the Human Face Disease, being infected by the spirits of his three vassals he murdered by throwing them into The Kiln. The look of half-crying half-laughing was inspired by the faces of the vassals.[3]

In the manhua, he has long, black hair that is slightly swept back but falls loosely, as well as pointy ears.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Bai Wuxiang possesses a taunting, manipulative personality, best examined through his repeated emotional abuse of Xie Lian. He is incredibly obsessive and controlling, but also intelligent. With the power to orchestrate events and knowing what strings to pull to terrorize someone mentally, he pursues his goal of molding Xie Lian into his perfect successor. Even though he himself isn't actively doing much whenever he appears, he is able to leave a traumatizing impact through his mocking and haunting nature.[1][2][4]

He's quick to use the mental instability and vulnerability of others to his own advantage. For example when he comforted Xie Lian when he was in a miserable and sorrowful state. He used the moment to reinforce the idea that everyone else in the world wants to do him harm into Xie Lian.[5] Another case would be when he was able to persuade the people in the temple to stab Xie Lian, using their fear and his eloquence to his desires.[6]

Despite how he portrays himself as caring towards Xie Lian, he's a vicious and cruel person. He languishes in the pain of others, even being playful with their trauma and fears as he is seen cackling, laughing and even transforming into different people as a further way to ridicule and manipulate.[1][2][7]

Beneath his cunning and intimitading exterior however, he's an extremely sensitive man who is quickly angered when told off or when things do not go his way.[8][9] His entire being was born due to a short phrase that personally offended him, making his own deep emotional and psychological troubles evident.[10]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His other identity is Jun Wu, the revered Martial God known as the Martial God Heavenly Emperor.[11]

References[edit | edit source]

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